To ensure the safety and security of our customers, and on advice from the licencing authority and the police, we use ID scan technology on our door. This has led to a 90% decrease in petty crime within the venue.

To effectively use this technology we ask all visitors on Friday and Saturday nights, regardless of their age or appearance to provide ID before entry.

Accepted forms of ID are Passports, Drivers Licences and ID bearing the Pass hologram. Most overseas ID’s are also accepted.

We are happy to look after passports for anyone worried about losing them and also provide a free cloakroom service for bags

Those unable to provide accepted ID on weekends will unfortunately not be able to enter the venue.

Dogstar do not, and will never use your information for marketing, sale or any other purpose other than security at the venue. Data is stored offline on site and is deleted every 6 months.

We do store information on people banned from the premises for a period defined by management at the time of the ban. We will also keep a detailed record of the reasons for the ban and in extreme cases we will make the ban available to other venues using the ID scan system, for example in cases of assault or theft. This information is only available to other ID scan systems once the ID in question has been scanned on the system and is never shared elsewhere.

The ID scanner is provided by IDscan biometrics and only senior management and the head of security at the venue have the authority to access data on the machine or issue bans. In the same fashion as CCTV data we will share ID scan information with the police upon request from a senior officer.

By volunteering your ID on entry you are agreeing to these terms

Door staff on the weekends do not have the authority to allow anybody into the venue without the correct ID

Only people over the age of 18 are allowed in the venue after 6pm.

No Flip Flops or Slippers allowed after 10pm.

For more information check out the IDscan website or to ask us a question call us on: 02077337515


We operate a free entry + queue jump guest list.
Guest list queue last entry at midnight

Simply find the date you wish to attend and click on it.

Guest list spaces are limited each weekend so we do ask that you provide the names of everyone that’s coming. So no plus one’s!

If your request is successful you will receive an email titled ‘guest list confirmed’. These often get redirected to junk mail so please check there. We aim to respond to all guest list request within 24 hours. So if you haven’t heard back then check that spam mail!

An Important reminder; Dogstar uses ID scan on weekends and operates an extremely strict no-id-no-entry policy as part of our licence. This is also enforced by the police so please remind all your guests to bring ID
Accepted forms of ID are Passports, Drivers licences or any ID bearing the ‘Pass’ Hologram. Most overseas ID’s are accepted also.