The Pizza Kitchen

Dogstar pizza // Reborn

Served from 6-10pm Monday to Saturday

and 4-9pm on Sundays

CHEESE GARLIC BREAD (V)Pizza base with light Mozzarella/butter Chives/Parmesan/Garlic Oil Serves 4 (or 2 if you're both hungry)£6
MARGHERITA (V)Tomato base/Mozzarella/Basil Leaf/Olive Oil£6
BUFFALO MARGARITA (V)Tomato Base/Buffalo Mozzarella/Fresh Basil Leaf/Olive Oil
DEVIL DOGTomato base/Mozzarella/Chorizo/Pepperoni/ Mixed peppers/Chilli/Jalapenos/Olive Oil£9
BBQ Base/Mozzarella/Chorizo/Pepperoni/Crispy Bacon/Onion£12
FARMER (V)Tomato Base/Mozzarella/Mushrooms/Grilled Aubergine/Grilled Peppers/Semi-Dried Tomatos/Parsley/Olive Oil
PEPPERONITomato Base/Mozzarella/Pepperoni/Fresh Mushrooms/Truffle Cream/Parsley/Olive Oil£10
NAPOLIGarlic Tomato Base/Mozzarella/Anchovies/Cappers/Olives/Oregano/Olive Oil


All our food is prepared and cooked from fresh on the premises.

If you fancy something a little different? We can swap toppings.

Extras are charged at £1 each

We also have vegan cheese if you ask when ordering.

If you are in a hurry do let us know.

Take away available.