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Pizza Menu

MandorlaHome roasted peppers, spiced chicken & almond flakes£8
SantoHome roasted aubergine, chorizo & chicken supported by a double cream base£8
Zeff Hunks of Mozzarella with chef's own pesto, cherry tomatoes and Parma ham.£9.50
Agricoli (V)Grilled artichoke and honey roasted aubergine, Mozzarella & soft goats cheese coloured with sun dried tomatoes£8
Pepperade (V) Roasted peppers, Jalapeno peppers & sliced red onion£8
Margherita (V)The classic tomato base, Mozzarella & fresh Basil leaf£5
PepperoniHomemade pesto base, spiced pepperoni, mushroom & Mozzarella£7
Meat LoverTomato base, spicy pepperoni, Spanish chorizo, honey roasted ham & British pork sausage.£8
Hot & SpicyChorizo, fiery Jalapenos, green chilli, home roasted peppers & basil leaf£7.50
Porkies –Double cream base, chunky chipolatas, British Stilton, tender stem broccoli topped with a garlic, chilli & basil garnish£8
Courgi (V)Chopped courgette, smooth Goat’s cheese, red onion and succulent sun dried tomato£7.50
MarinellaFinely sliced anchovies peppered with capers & a sprinkling of oregano.£7.50
Ham & MushroomHoney roast ham with our signature mushroom topping£7
Choki (V)Double cream base,  marinated artichokes, pungent Gorgonzola cheese, mushrooms & red chillies£8
CrudoPistachio cream base, Buffalo mozzarella, Parma ham, marinated artichokes & sweet cherry tomatoes£9.50
Calzone (Vegetarian option available)Pizza, folded and baked with pepperoni, mushrooms, tender stem broccoli and mozzarella filling, topped with chef’s signature chilled tomato sauce£8.50
Garlic Pizza Bread (V)Garlic on a round dough base, lightly sprinkled with mozzarella£3.50
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